Tuesday, 16 May 2017


So my journey takes me to Etsy, I've been told to avoid it for awhile
from various sources due to the money it takes of you, but it's no more than selling anything off eBay
or the charges through PayPal.  So I've gone ahead and made a page for now.
I'm hoping it's going to drive me forward to make garments outside of class, so during the summer I can be part time chef, part time seamstress

I'm thinking of starting off
week 1) planning
week 2) patterns
week 3) patterns
week 4) sew
Week 5) sew

I've posted up some of my things on their so far

💛 My Etsy Store 💛

Drawing the simple designs I will start with, and experiment a bit in between for other things to try expand what I know.

been looking at the other foots for my overlocker so going to make a video or blog post about that soon!

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